Incinerator - slot machine with space prizes

Want some fire? Then you need to throw the shavings in the incinerator. Slot machine Incinerator ndash; just performs this function. He burns your minimum bets, turning them into incredible jackpots. Yggdrasil likes to surprise their fans with incredible and unpredictable solutions, in the design and design of slots. Who would have thought that the next novelty that they would release would be the Incinerator. The meaning of this word is often translated as a crematorium.

Theme of the gaming machine Incinerator

At first glance, it may seem that the machine does not belong to any particular concept in the thematic design. However, it is not. The main direction of design corresponds to the now popular, style ndash; techno. Downloading the game starts with a video clip in which each user on himself can experience all the delights of the incinerator. He gets to the universal waste processing plant, which is located in outer space. Here you can take part in the process clearing of space from the wreckage of spaceships and other remains.

Slot Equipment

Start the game by clicking on the button that is located in the center of the panel. You must also pre-make bets using the Coquin Value raquo; button. The choice of the number of lines will complete the preparation for the game process. Now you can fasten your seat belts and go into the unknown outer space.

There is a panel in the upper left corner, with which you can adjust the basic characteristics of the game. The machine contains 5 standard drums and 20 bonus lines. The rate ranges from $ 0.2 to $ 200, which allows you to adjust the dynamics application. You can step by step, with the help of small bets, move in victory, which is called ndash; slowly and confidently. And you can risk, trusting intuition and the moment, and put everything on the line. Here, fate itself will determine the outcome of the game.

Options and Symbols

  • A wild symbol that can replace other characters.
  • Wild Pattern ndash; an option that becomes available on condition of three consecutive wins.
  • Symbols that have already participated in the formation of the prize combination, are automatically burned, and new ones fall into their place. This property increases the chance of getting paid.

The machine has an additional scoreboard, which is executed in the form of tetris and displays the loss of winning combinations.

Are you tired of everyday life and want fresh ideas? Then slot Incinerator ndash; especially for you. It combines the simplicity and uniqueness of modernized developments, which makes the game process really unforgettable. High-quality graphics and The soundtrack will help you feel all the delights of space travel. Energize and forward to finding prizes!

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