Draglings - a great way to try something new in the game world

The theme of magic attracts a large number of people, and has long been one of the most unexpected areas of the gaming business. Many developers are guided by this judgment and produce the most user-friendly software, which allows leave everyone satisfied. Approximately, and appeared Draglings ndash; a slot machine from a bona fide developer, known for numerous successful creations, which has become a cult of worship for whole crowds of players. A fantastic creation that could to interest such a number of users, should be considered in the smallest detail.

Features of the game machineDraglings

Basically, slot machines consist of five drums, each of which allows you to create a playing field for 9-50 winning lines, and only with rare exceptions the device does not fall under this description. Each drum counts the same number of characters, with most often it's about three or four pictures. This version of the slot machine does not correspond to the generally accepted standards, because it has quite an unusual arrangement of five reels. All unusual consists in the fact that the first and third positions have three values, the second and the fourth one ndash; on four, and in the center we see the whole five pictures.

Visual component of the slot

Since Draglinngs has a theme related to mythical monsters, the plausibility of stories about which is under big question, then the design of the slot machine has a completely unusual style. As the most common symbols used colorful eggs of dragons, among which sometimes flash special symbols, or cubs of mighty flying lizards. The background image for the drums is a scattering of crystals unknown to science, which may lead to thoughts of passing gameplay in a secret cave. At the game you can get acquainted with the mysterious melody and funny sounds of the rumbling of small dragons that essentially decorates the game. Each winning combination causes the playing field to move and furiously sparkle, which contributes to the emergence of a strong desire to quickly win again and again.

The purpose of the game and the main characteristics

The main task of each user is to collect as many successful combos from the game images on active lines, while their number is not regulated. The size of the bet, the number of identical pictures on the lines and the cost of each emblem regulate the amount that each player receives on winning. Draglings allows you to configure the rotation before the game, which is very easy. If you use the function panel at the bottom of the window. First, the value of the medals through a special field, which is very easy to do if you use the plus and minus buttons. The choice also affects the final bet for 40 lines in the range of 0.2-40. Running rotations at the maximum limit becomes available if you use the corresponding button, which eliminates the need to use the standard button to start the rotation of the reels. By the way, there is another version of non-stop game ndash; The user discards the automatic rotation mode any duties, and just watching the game process. But at the same time, for such an effect, you first need to specify how many rotations are required, after which participation will no longer be required.

The video slot Draglinngs has proved itself over the years of operation just fine, and the great merit here belongs to the possibility of automatic playing and getting a lot of additional bonuses in the usual use of the slot. To the pluses of such pastime It is worth attributing a high percentage of payments to users and a good design, both visual and audio. In addition, many will be pleasantly surprised by the unusual arrangement of the drums and the change in the gameplay that followed.

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